Fast and Slow PADI IDC in Bali, most of us are familiar with the PADI Instructor Development Course but few of us know that we are able to design an entire IDC program according to the time and possibilities of each candidate.

Even before we started our PADI Instructor Development Course we already imagined the possibility of undergoing a fast and slow version of the PADI IDC Bali. So we immediately said, we have to do it from the beginning and it should be a standard option for all candidates specially for those who are limited by time.

We came up with two concepts, first the Fast IDC┬ádedicated specially for the candidates who don’t have enough time to join a complete instructor course. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The most important aspect of the Fast IDC is being able to study the theory from the comfort of the candidate’s home which is actually the entire deal of this program.
  • As saving time is the reason choosing this type of course schedule, after the IDC theory is complete, the candidate can join any of our Instructor Development Courses throughout the next 12 months after enrolling.
  • Studying the theory on-line, the Course Director as well as the Staff Instructor will be in constant contact with the candidate offering guidance whenever necessary as well as multiple knowledge reviews etc.
  • After enrolling and confirming the PADI Instructor Course in Bali, the candidate will have a total of 12 months to complete the program and undergo an IE ( Instructor Examination ).

In details that’s how a Fast IDC looks like but of course in action it looks just like a normal course with only the location being different.

In regards to the Slow IDC however, things stand a little bit different although it involves once again studying the theory on-line. Here’s what you need to know:

  • This type of Instructor Course is dedicated to candidates who have significant time on their hands being able to join several IDC programs throughout 12 months after enrolling.
  • Although looking similar with the Fast IDC when thinking about time, during this course there is no pressure of finishing specific workshops at a specific moment.
  • Throughout the entire program of the slow idc candidate, the Course Director and Staff Instructor will be in constant contact with the candidate.

In a more personal understanding, the PADI IDC in Bali can be designed according to each and every candidate. Details, timings, theory and skills or even Course Directors, all are elements that can be moved and adjusted to fulfil all needs.

Ending on a certain note, click on the next link to see our dedicated page for the IDC Calendar.

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