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Do I require a special visa in Bali ?
Most of the countries can receive a VOA ( Visa On Arrival ) upon landing in Bali airport. Some countries, not many however, will require a VOA tax which is approximatley USD 30. Using a normal tourist visa, VOA as mentioned above, will allow you a legal 30 days stay in Bali / Indonesia. As our IDC lasts for a maximum of 19 days excluding the IE and additional courses such as MSDT, 30 days stay is more than enough. If necessary, your visa can be extended for another 30 days. This extension can be done with our support if requested in advance.
Is accommodation included ?
As a PADI 5 stars IDC dive resort, we provide accommodation options of many levels and budgets. However, the accommodation is not included in the price of the IDC. Before your actual booking as well as during your stay in Bali, you will have our full support regarding all your necessities starting from accommodation or other elements that you might need. During your enquiry you should ask for accommodation options if you are interested.
Is lunch included ?
Yes, lunch is included as well as snacks during your open water dives and coffee/tea/water throughout your entire stay. Lunch is cooked by our already famous chef, Gusti, in our already famous and perfect in-house kitchen. The lunch menu can vary from month to month but the famous Nasi Goreng will always be there. As an idea, lunch can include: Nasi Goreng ( Mix Fried Rice ), Mi Goreng ( Mix Fried Noodle ), Noodle Soup, Nasi Campur ( Local Balinese Food ) etc.
Where is the IDC center located ?
We are located strategically in Sanur, Bali, on street Jl. Suka Merta. This central location allows us to hit all dive sites in Bali as well as all major touristic and hotelier areas. On our Contact page you will find all the necessary details about our location, contact information, social media accounts etc.
What is an IDC ?
IDC stands for Instructor Development Course which as the name suggests is designated specially for scuba divers interested in starting a career as an Instructor. The course is built of two sections, the Assistant Instructor Course also known as AI and the Open Water Scuba Instructor also known as OWSI program. Going through the IDC class will bring you to the final step before becoming a PADI Instructor, the PADI Instructor Examination or also known as IE.
What is an IE ?
IE stands for Instructor Examination which is a 2 days evaluation program held by special PADI Examiners. During this evaluation period, your teaching ability as a future Instructor is being put to the test as well as dive theory knowledge, skills level, understanding of PADI systems, attitude and professionalism. The IE location, testing environment and examination sessions are organised to be as objective as possible in order to fairly asses your abilities. The location is decided by the PADI Examiners and will be communicated to candidates during or just after the IDC is finished but to pin point on the map, the area will be Sanur. For the open water examination, the IE will take place in the same location where we will be training during the IDC.
When can I join the IDC ?
IDC classes all around the world are held every month so you can join at any moment depending on the time and moment that suits you best. Joining the IDC in Bali with us brings more options for the class. The normal IDC takes approximately 18 to 19 days depending on circumstances for teaching but there are 2 options that we provide. We like to call them Fast IDC and Slow IDC. What these two IDC options basically do is they allow you to go through the course at your own pace. Read more details by clicking on the links above. You can view the IDC Calendar on our dedicated page here.
What do I need to join the IDC and IE ?
This information is also present on the Instructor Development Course page but point by point here are the prerequisites for joining the IDC:
You need to be a certified PADI Divemaster or equivalent with another recognised recreational diving organisation;
* You need to be a certified diver for at least 6 months with at least 60 logged dives
* You need to have 100 logged dives to be able to join the Instructor ExaminationYou need to have completed the Emergency First Response course or another EFR course equivalent training within the last 24 months. ( updates and refreshers can be provided if necessary )
* You need a medical clearance from a physician within the last 12 months stating that you are fit for diving.

Prior to being certified as an Open Water Instructor, you need to finish the Emergency First Response Instructor level ( EFRI ) – our IDC is built containing the EFRI. If you have completed your previous scuba diving courses with another recreational diving organisation, you need to provide copies of those certifications.
Who is the Course Director ?
For all our IDCs we have partnered with Your IDC and world renowned Course Directors, Alina Conroy, Pierre Gruter and Sander Buis.

Together with specially trained PADI Staff Instructors we created and IDC Support team exclusively focused on teaching and developing each and every instructor candidate.
What language is the IDC using and what about during the IE?
Our Course Directors are multilingual so all IDC classes can be held in English, Indonesian, Chinese, Dutch and French. PADI materials as well as IE papers are provided in many different languages and such arrangements are organised in advance. Also, worth mentioning is that during the IE translators are allowed to attend as the Instructor Examination is mainly held in English.
What do I learn during the Preparation Course ?
The IDC preparation course is a 3 days workshop prior to your IDC and it is designed to asses your level with theory and confined water skills. Our Instructors, IDC Support Team and our Course Directors, will work together with you on reviewing dive theory, practising quality demonstration skills and rescue skills. Joining the Preparation Course is optional but we do recommended it to all candidates as during these 3 days you might recover forgotten knowledge or perfect your diving skills if necessary.
What are the IE fees ?
The PADI fees can increase yearly and they do not depend on the IDC center. Also, these fees are not payable to the IDC itself as the candidate will have to pay using a personal credit / debit card when the IE is taking place.
What if I fail the PADI IE ?
Chances to fail the PADI IE are significantly low and most importantly if by any chance the Course Director believes that one of the candidates might fail, the Course Director will recommend to wait until the next IE and spend additional time on improving the necessary skills and knowledge. However, if by any chance you fail the IE, you will have to go through the entire IDC all over again but all for FREE and this is our promise to you.
Do you offer a pass guarantee ?
In short, no we do not and we do not believe in such a pass guarantee neither. We’ve seen other IDC centers providing such ironclad pass guarantees, 100% promise that you shall pass the IDC with straight 10s but in reality, that is impossible considering that every candidate is different the same as every instructor is different. In details, if by any chance the Course Director believes that you should not take a seat on the IE, she will explain properly why and when you might be ready for taking the IE. Such a situation rarely happens but you do have this guarantee from us. Further more, if by any chance you fail on your IE, you will be able to retake an IE with the Course Director’s guidance or go through the IDC all over again but this time, for FREE. Worth mentioning, Course Director Alina Conroy still holds a 100% success rate in candidate IE for the past 15 years of teaching.
What is the Zero to Hero program ?
Zero to Hero is a program designed to take a one student and push him through the entire scuba diving education all the way up to IDC hence the PADI IE. This program can start from multiple levels, all the way down from Open Water Course or directly from Divemaster. Although normally Advanced Open Water divers who decide on becoming an Instructor and start a career in scuba diving are the ones to choose a Zero to Hero program, it is quite often that people choose a career change and begin everything with no knowledge, from zero. Basically, the student will be a part of the dive center for the entire time of the course depending the level chosen to start. Prices differ of course as they are specially designed for multiple levels of certification. Normally a Zero to Hero program can last between 3 and 6 months with potential extensions as internships up to 12 or more months. You can find more information about the Zero to Hero program on the dedicated page here.
How do I start the Zero to Hero ?
The start is as easy as 1, 2, 3! The first and most important step, get in contact with us using one of the many channels we have open on our Contact page. Second, as we will be discussing, we will guide you through the entire process but there is one specific thought you need to be certain of: how far are you willing to go with your Zero to Hero ? would you like to stop at the Divemaster level or Instructor level ? or do you want to go even further ? We will begin with that thought, move towards the accommodation concept where we will help you and then when will your start date be. 1, 2, 3!

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