Neptune expanding to Neptune Surfing School in Bali

It’s now official, Neptune Scuba Diving is expanding as a surf school in Bali with the same amazing positive energy as in the dive center.

It was perhaps the most awaited and expected news of the year for all our returning guests and fans. It started from them, from the people who crossed our door step and loved us from the first moment. We learned about our potential from them, we studied the possibilities and we began working almost immediately.

Today, after almost 3 months of planning, preparations and building, Neptune Surfing School is opening as a surf school Bali with two main bases in Kuta and in Sanur. From the very beginning we vow to honour the legacy we have already built with our dive center, a full service from hotel pick-up to hotel drop-off and everything that happens in between.

Our multilingual instructors are all ISA certified surf instructors, EFR and lifeguard. The Beginner and Intermediate surfing manuals we have prepared are designed with a minimalistic and flat line concept to help understand even better the theory of surfing and how to make the first step.

As a surf school in Bali, an island with such a well developed history in this sport, we will focus on what we believe is the most important, the best place to learn surfing in Bali. For our intermediate surfers and above, even more for our pro surfers we will be honouring both group and private trips to all the famous surf spots in Bali such as: Canggu, Uluwatu, Padang Padang and the others.

We promised at our beginning just over two years ago that we will never stop learning, developing and growing. We are honouring that promise as we are now using our experience to provide an even more complete service to all our water sport fans.


PADI IDC in Bali – Calendar 2019

View the interactive PADI IDC in Bali calendar for 2019. Check the schedule and join the PADI Instructor Course in Bali.

As 2018 PADI Instructor Development Course has ended, looking back we are proud of all our candidates now quite experienced instructors. For some, we have started from the very beginning just like a Zero to Hero. For others we have jumped directly into the IDC but in both cases it is purely amazing what we have accomplished.

It was a busy year with special moments. Our Course Directors Alina Conroy, Pierre Gruter and Sander Buis have dedicated all their energy to the IDC candidates and at the end of the day they have all succeeded. 

2018 was our very first year running PADI Instructor Development Courses. It was an year focused on learning and experience, two elements which now stand on the foundation of our PADI Pro programme. Beginning with Divemasters Course in Bali, going to the IDC in Bali and even further, confidence and experience is the base.

Looking forward, 2019 is nothing less than promising in every way. Just now we have finished uploading our interactive calendar for bali IDC 2019 beginning with the Preparations Courses, going to the Instructor Development Courses, PADI Instructor Examinations and ending with the MSDT preparation.

Looking at our idc calendar for 2019 you will manage to plan your trips and even your courses. Our Fast and Slow IDC programmes are always available and our Course Directors as well.

Regarding your travel plans, our management team will always be available also to support you with visa necessities, accommodation, transportation arrangements and much more.

We are very much looking forward to this new year, to all the candidates and all the moments we shall be sharing together. At the end, the experience and the feeling is what drives us to be the best.

Fast and Slow PADI IDC in Bali

Fast and Slow PADI IDC in Bali, most of us are familiar with the PADI Instructor Development Course but few of us know that we are able to design an entire IDC program according to the time and possibilities of each candidate.

Even before we started our PADI Instructor Development Course we already imagined the possibility of undergoing a fast and slow version of the PADI IDC Bali. So we immediately said, we have to do it from the beginning and it should be a standard option for all candidates specially for those who are limited by time.

We came up with two concepts, first the Fast IDC dedicated specially for the candidates who don’t have enough time to join a complete instructor course. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The most important aspect of the Fast IDC is being able to study the theory from the comfort of the candidate’s home which is actually the entire deal of this program.
  • As saving time is the reason choosing this type of course schedule, after the IDC theory is complete, the candidate can join any of our Instructor Development Courses throughout the next 12 months after enrolling.
  • Studying the theory on-line, the Course Director as well as the Staff Instructor will be in constant contact with the candidate offering guidance whenever necessary as well as multiple knowledge reviews etc.
  • After enrolling and confirming the PADI Instructor Course in Bali, the candidate will have a total of 12 months to complete the program and undergo an IE ( Instructor Examination ).

In details that’s how a Fast IDC looks like but of course in action it looks just like a normal course with only the location being different.

In regards to the Slow IDC however, things stand a little bit different although it involves once again studying the theory on-line. Here’s what you need to know:

  • This type of Instructor Course is dedicated to candidates who have significant time on their hands being able to join several IDC programs throughout 12 months after enrolling.
  • Although looking similar with the Fast IDC when thinking about time, during this course there is no pressure of finishing specific workshops at a specific moment.
  • Throughout the entire program of the slow idc candidate, the Course Director and Staff Instructor will be in constant contact with the candidate.

In a more personal understanding, the PADI IDC in Bali can be designed according to each and every candidate. Details, timings, theory and skills or even Course Directors, all are elements that can be moved and adjusted to fulfil all needs.

Ending on a certain note, click on the next link to see our dedicated page for the IDC Calendar.

IDC in Bali with PureAir certification

With proper maintenance and standards, we have been officially certified as the one and only Bauer PureAir IDC in Bali.

Not only, we are the only Bauer PureAir certified dive shop Bali, in Indonesia.

Ever since we started we have focused on quality in every little detail so for our air consumption we acquired a Bauer air compressor specially designed for dive centers.

Overall, we didn’t look for this certification but you know how it’s said, when you don’t look for something necessarily, you will get it. We got it and we are so proud of it, so proud of being called a Bauer PureAir certified dive center.

Going into details, many will ask the question, what does this certification mean ? starting directly from the title, in popular terms it means that the air we produce for our diving activities is really really really good. Later in this article we will show the actual certification and numbers that came up during Bauer’s tests not too long ago.

One of the main conditions and some of us believe this is really important for some guests, specially European, Bauer cares about having original parts used in the compressor as well as a proper maintenance scheduled. In other words, to qualify before anything for the PureAir certification, you should not be altering the components of the compressor, which makes sense in many ways.

Several other requirements need to be met which don’t really need a lot of explanation: proper clean room for the compressor, proper air flow and air temperature in the compressor room, minimise CO2 around the compressor as much as possible etc.

So far so good right ? well let’s take a look at the actual certification shall we?

In our dive center, you will find this certification printed and glued on our compressor room window. Of course, we like to point it out every time to every diver and yes, we do brag about it.

In 2018, we are looking again at a new PureAir technical check of our Bauer compressor and by the looks of it, we will certainly make it good again.

The new PADI 5 stars IDC dive resort in Bali

Neptune Scuba Diving becoming Bali’s brand new PADI 5 stars IDC dive resort in Sanur starting IDC in Bali, January 2018.

We have open just more than 1 year ago and this is the biggest development step that we have made since then. In many ways, we are thinking that we should have made this step sooner but it seems that as in 2016 we had our grand opening at the end of the year, end of 2017 marks the start of our IDC.

It looks like this might be a positive tradition that we should follow in the future, make everything start at the end of the year which doesn’t sound bad at all. Let’s say it again because it sounds good, We are Neptune Scuba Diving, the brand new PADI IDC in Bali.

For the connoisseurs, IDC is a very familiar term but for those who do not understand the meaning, IDC stands for Instructor Development Course. As the name suggests, this PADI Course is specially built for those who wish to become a PADI Instructor, for those who wish to start a career as teachers in scuba diving.

In Bali, there are quite a few IDC centers and all of them tackle a specific part of the market, Dutch, French, Japanese, Chinese. We however, choose to be on the International and Chinese side as we are building our systems, our image, in such a way that we can accommodate any language, any candidate at any time.

As a dive resort, of course we offer accommodation options as well. Our accommodation partnerships allow you to select from a wide range of budgets and preferences at a special price that of course normally you don’t get it on the internet.

Because preparations are in process as we speak, we have scheduled the first IDC to start in January 2018 and we are so proud to announce as well that our Course Director is none other than the famous Alina Conroy, PADI Course Director since 2002 and the one and only who trained all major Course Directors currently teaching in the other IDC centers in Bali.

How cool is that ?

Lastly, we have to extend a special thank you to all guests who have crossed our paths, our partners, our friends, everyone who contributed in any way to our new becoming.

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