With proper maintenance and standards, we have been officially certified as the one and only Bauer PureAir IDC in Bali.

Not only, we are the only Bauer PureAir certified dive shop Bali, in Indonesia.

Ever since we started we have focused on quality in every little detail so for our air consumption we acquired a Bauer air compressor specially designed for dive centers.

Overall, we didn’t look for this certification but you know how it’s said, when you don’t look for something necessarily, you will get it. We got it and we are so proud of it, so proud of being called a Bauer PureAir certified dive center.

Going into details, many will ask the question, what does this certification mean ? starting directly from the title, in popular terms it means that the air we produce for our diving activities is really really really good. Later in this article we will show the actual certification and numbers that came up during Bauer’s tests not too long ago.

One of the main conditions and some of us believe this is really important for some guests, specially European, Bauer cares about having original parts used in the compressor as well as a proper maintenance scheduled. In other words, to qualify before anything for the PureAir certification, you should not be altering the components of the compressor, which makes sense in many ways.

Several other requirements need to be met which don’t really need a lot of explanation: proper clean room for the compressor, proper air flow and air temperature in the compressor room, minimise CO2 around the compressor as much as possible etc.

So far so good right ? well let’s take a look at the actual certification shall we?

In our dive center, you will find this certification printed and glued on our compressor room window. Of course, we like to point it out every time to every diver and yes, we do brag about it.

In 2018, we are looking again at a new PureAir technical check of our Bauer compressor and by the looks of it, we will certainly make it good again.

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